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Как да изберем лаптоп, преносим компютър?
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Stadler had rounds of 67 and 63 in a 34-hole day. He birdied five of the last seven holes in the second round, finishing about 25 minutes before play was called for the day. Karlsson, Stadler share lead in OHL Classic. Stenson leads European Tour finale by a shot. ''I didn't really feel like waking up at 4 again tomorrow morning,'' Stadler said. ''Nice to be completely done with both rounds today and just kind of get a little bit of rest tonight.'' . http://www.japangolfsales.com/PINGピンG25ドライバー--1481.html - G25ドライバー評価

Added (2013-11-19, 3:29 PM)
''Obviously, it's very wet,'' Karlsson said. ''It's unbelievable that we're playing at all. The amount of rain that's been here the last few days, the course is in really great condition.'' Henrik Stenson from Sweden plays a ball on the 18th hole during the 2nd round of DP World Golf Champ … ''I thought that 5-under par would be good enough for me to just stay in the tournament, which I am happy about,'' Rose said. ''But then this golf course seems really tailor-made for Henrik. He just seems to be able to take advantage of all the par-5s, and he's playing really, really well. It will be tough to catch him.'' Stenson had a five-stroke advantage over England's Justin Rose, second in the points standings. Graeme McDowell, third in the points race, was eight strokes behind Stenson. ''I hit some good iron shots and knocked in some putts,'' Karlsson said. ''I mean, I gave myself a whole bunch of chances and I took them, so it was great.'' http://www.japangolfsales.com/テーラーメイドR1ドライバー-1460.html - R1日本仕様

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Spain's Alejandro Canizares was second after a 67. Stenson also leads the Race to Dubai standings. The points champion will receive $1 million from a $3.75 million bonus pool that counts on the final money list. In September, Stenson won the PGA Tour's season-ending Tour Championship in Atlanta to take the FedEx Cup title and $10 million bonus. . ''I thought that 5-under par would be good enough for me to just stay in the tournament, which I am happy about,'' Rose said. ''But then this golf course seems really tailor-made for Henrik. He just seems to be able to take advantage of all the par-5s, and he's playing really, really well. It will be tough to catch him.'' Cameron Beckman from the U.S. tees off on the 16th hole during the second day of the OHL Classic at … <a href="http://www.japangolfsales.com/PING-ピンG15ドライバー-1380.html" title="k15価格">k15価格</a>
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. Stadler had rounds of 67 and 63 in a 34-hole day. He birdied five of the last seven holes in the second round, finishing about 25 minutes before play was called for the day. . Spain's Alejandro Canizares was second after a 67. ''Obviously, it's very wet,'' Karlsson said. ''It's unbelievable that we're playing at all. The amount of rain that's been here the last few days, the course is in really great condition.'' <a href="http://www.japangolfsales.com/MizunoミズノMP-64アイアン3-9P-1476.html" title="日本MP64">日本MP64</a>
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Spain's Alejandro Canizares was second after a 67. Stenson had a five-stroke advantage over England's Justin Rose, second in the points standings. Graeme McDowell, third in the points race, was eight strokes behind Stenson. Stenson leads European Tour finale by a shot. Stenson also won the Deutsche Bank Championship outside Boston en route to the FedEx Cup title. Henrik Stenson from Sweden plays a ball on the 18th hole during the 2nd round of DP World Golf Champ … http://www.japangolfsales.com/MIZUNO-ミズノMP-59アイアン3-9P-1327.html - ミズノMP59
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